Clever Planning in Small Spaces

East Sydney Terrace

The partly subterranean kitchen was dark and damp with a dangerously steep stair to the living room on ground level above.  There was little connection between the two living areas, nor to the sunny rear court at mid-level between these two spaces. The solution was to remove the steep stairs, extend the rear wall out the width of a new stair with a new glazed façade.

The WC at the rear of the property was extended to a second bathroom for the residence..

Crows Nest Terrace

The property was purchased with cramped, cluttered laundry and separate bathroom at the rear of a typical terrace. The two rooms were combined to create a spacious light filled room with a new large north facing window to the court. There is now space for a separate bath, a shower with the laundry housed cupboard.

The opening between the existing dining and kitchen was widened, a door to the rear entry zone removed to allow greater connection to living spaces and the rear court.

New kitchen joinery to match the existing has significantly increased the storage capacity.


Simply removing the kitchen island bench and opening the kitchen, dining and living room into one large space created a spacious airy one-bedroom apartment. Removing the laundry wall created a large bathroom and hiding the laundry behind a cupboard together with adding a translucent sliding door to the bathroom created an equal sense of space and light.