Naremburn Project

My own home and office reflects how I wish to live and work – simply, free of clutter, filled with natural light, fresh air and a vista overlooking the surrounding natural environment.

In downsizing from the family home it was an opportunity to plan all elements of my new environment. Building a sustainable energy rated climate resistant home was the corner stone. The fundamental principal was to locate a long slim building on the southern boundary opening to a north facing aspect.

All activities were considered and catered for. Every inch of space has been utilised.

When people first visit my property they frequently voice surprise at the quality of space and light despite the restrictions placed when building a secondary dwelling or granny flat. Sixty square metres is the maximum footprint for a secondary dwelling, however it can be combined with other structures, in my situation a garage.

The garage is a multipurpose space accommodating powder room, laundry, storage under the stair, a home office, and at times transforms into a printing studio.

The second zone of the ground floor comprises of kitchen, dining and living rooms. Both these areas have sliding doors opening near to full width of the two zones creating a seamless transition to the garden adjacent. The 6 metre pitched ceiling to the living area creates a sense of abundant space.

The private zones, bedroom and bathroom, are located above the garage and dining room with the bedroom overlooking a private roof top garden. Discreet cloths hanging and storage utilises the lower void of the pitched roof.
The internal bathroom is bathed in sunlight via skylights and despite its small footprint accommodates a generous vanity and shower zone.

This easy to maintain granny flat at the end of the garden is no more or no less that what is required and can easily accommodate a dinner party for 8 or cocktail party for a 100 people.